John Bollinger Net Worth, Early Life, Bands, Awards And Recognition

John Bollinger Net Worth Quick Facts

Net Worth: $50 million

Birthdate: May 27, 1950 (73 years old)

Birthplace: Montpelier, Vermont, U.S.

Profession: Finance author, financial analyst

Nationality: American.

John Bollinger Net Worth.
John Bollinger Net Worth.

A Look at John Bollinger Net Worth

John Bollinger is an American author and financial analyst with a net worth of $50 million.

Early Life and Background

May 27, 1950 (73 years old)

Montpelier, Vermont, U.S.

Professional Achievements

John Bollinger is best known for developing Bollinger Bands, a popular technical analysis tool used in financial markets.

He authored the book “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” in 2001, which elaborates on his technical analysis techniques.

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Bollinger Bands

His bands are intervals drawn on a price chart to define high and low on a relative basis.

Bollinger began developing this concept in the 1980s, first introducing it without a name on Financial News Network.

Bollinger Bands have since become a staple in technical analysis.

Career Highlights

Early Career
John Bollinger purchased a microcomputer in 1977, which sparked his interest in computer-driven technical analysis.

He initially worked as an independent trader before joining Financial News Network.

Financial News Network
From 1984 to 1990, Bollinger served as Chief Market Analyst at Financial News Network, where he provided market commentary.

CNBC Commentary
Bollinger also provided market commentary for CNBC, further establishing his reputation as a financial analyst.

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Awards and Recognition

Received the Technical Securities Analysts of San Francisco Lifetime Award.

Honored with the Market Technicians Association Annual Award.

Awarded the IFTA Lifetime Achievement Award.


John Bollinger publishes the “Capital Growth Letter,” a newsletter that offers technical analysis of financial markets.

Wrapping Up

John Bollinger’s contributions to the field of financial analysis, particularly through his development of Bollinger Bands and his insightful commentary, have made him a respected figure in finance.

His lifetime of achievements and awards highlight his influence and expertise in technical analysis.

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