Steven Cohen Net Worth: How He Earned His Fortune From S.A.C. Capital Advisors

Steven Cohen Net Worth Quick Facts

Category Information
Net Worth $16 Billion
Birthdate Jun 11, 1956 (67 years old)
Birthplace Great Neck
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Investor, Trader
Nationality United States of America


Steven Cohen Net Worth
Steven Cohen Net Worth

Steven Cohen Net Worth

Steven A. Cohen, an American hedge fund manager, holds a net worth of $16 billion dollars.

He earned his initial substantial fortune through the now-closed S.A.C. Capital Advisors, a hedge fund based in Stamford, Connecticut.

This firm primarily focused on equity market strategies.

Despite being embroiled in an insider trading scandal, Cohen continues his financial ventures.

Currently, he operates Point72 Asset Management, an exclusive hedge fund managing his personal wealth.

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Early Life

Born on June 11, 1956, in Great Neck, New York, Cohen grew up in a family with multiple siblings, being the third among eight children.

His father worked at a dress manufacturer while his mother, in addition to being a homemaker, taught piano lessons.

Steven Cohen Net Worth: SAC Capital

In 1992, Cohen founded SAC Capital with an initial investment of $25 million.

Over time, the fund grew to manage at least $14 billion in assets and employed around 900 individuals globally.

Despite its success, SAC Capital faced legal troubles, resulting in Cohen personally paying a hefty fine to the SEC and discontinuing the fund for outside investors.

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Steven Cohen Net Worth: Point72

Following the closure of SAC Capital, Cohen established Point72 to manage his personal wealth.

Art Collection

Cohen boasts an art collection valued around $1 billion.

Notably, in 2013, he purchased Picasso’s “Le Reve” for $155 million.

Real Estate

Cohen owns various properties, including a 14-acre estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, featuring a 35,000 square-foot mansion and a private ice skating rink.

He also possesses homes in East Hampton, Beverly Hills, and Delray Beach, Florida.

New York Mets

In 2012, Cohen acquired a 4 percent stake in the New York Mets, later increasing his ownership to 95% in 2020.

Despite inheriting a team with consistent financial losses, Cohen remains invested in the Mets’ success.

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